Reasons to Get Call Tracking & Analytics Software

With the current surge of technology use, most companies have decided to go the automation way. The companies achieve these by using platforms that help in reducing the difference between the offline and online channels. The aftermath of this is efficiency in allocating marketing resources and improvement in sales.

The Call Tracking Software

Call tracking software manages incoming calls from mobile phones and landlines. It is designed to handle tasks like assigning tracking numbers to calls, measuring the time, monitoring, analyzing, and giving out reports about calling data. For the software to perform the above functions, it has tools for tracking, routing, recording, and attribution.

The incoming voice call has become the backbone of digital marketing strategies for most companies. Digital marketers tend to use the conversation over the phone to get insight into what the caller needs. Marketers will use the discussions to get keywords and caller intentions to connect the calls and digital campaigns behind them.


Most call tracking software focuses on call tracking, routing, recording, and preventing fraud. Marketers will use Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) to give their specific digital marketing campaign to each phone number. The DNI can track where an incoming call comes from, and it works in a way that when you click on an ad, it displays your phone number, the search engine, and a keyword.

Another critical feature is fraud analytics prevention, as computer hackers will hack the calls and inflate the revenue rates. Due to this, there is the development of fraud detection tools that helps in identifying, monitoring, and blocking those suspicious calls.

The software developers will add more advanced capabilities to ensure potential clients buy the software. The capabilities include the following:

Intelligent Call Routing

Intelligent call routing systems are used to route a call to a location that is qualified for conversion. The tools distribute the calls to the correct sales representatives based on the caller source. An interactive voice response qualifies callers and then connects them to a representative.

Sales Evaluation

 Most of the software focuses on sales evaluation. It uses a recording tool to increase efficiency in the sales department. The platform also has an analytic tool that analyzes a sales representative’s performance. 

Data Privacy

Call tracking and Analytics Software need to comply with HIPAA together with HITECH regulations. Privacy is always a priority. Therefore, the software should eliminate personal information from all calls. 

Multi Channel attribution

The analytic platform offers call tracking that attributes the call source to a webpage or an ad. It tracks incoming calls and provides a link from online to an offline channel.

AI-Driven Speech

The analytic platform provides an AI-driven algorithm that aids in predicting the intention of a caller. The AI also spots keywords and phrases. Additionally, the AI helps in determining the time used.


Call tracking software is important in reducing the gap between offline and online channels, thus making businesses more efficient. Here are some of the advantages:

  • It improves the multichannel attribution
  • it helps in getting the customers views and thus there is more personalized marketing
  • It also helps in improving the sales productivity
  • Improving the sales performance

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