8 Common Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are no joke. They’re tiny and challenging to see with the naked eye, and they tend to be only active at night. However, there are eight signs you can watch for which can mean trouble if not dealt with promptly. Without detection and preparation, bedbugs can be a real pain.

Bedbugs are exceptionally skilled at hiding, so you might not see any bugs themselves. However, look around your room for signs of bedbugs before climbing into bed. They will leave small bloodstains on sheets and mattresses.


Bedbug bites are too small to be seen easily but look for rust-colored stains on the sheets and mattress. These spots are common and can occur when you scratch at a bite. Bedbugs also leave stains behind after feeding. These may appear as dark or light marks or even areas chewed through. These bloodstains can be spread if you don’t wash and dry the bedding right away, so look closely every time you change your sheets. It’s also possible to find eggs in the same areas, where they’ll hatch into young bugs called nymphs.

Shed Skins

Bedbugs don’t have wings to fly off your couch, but they are capable of shedding skin. These skins are well-camouflaged and can be challenging to find. Look for them around the edges of furniture and in cracks where the mattress meets the wall or baseboard. These can often be mistaken for cigarette burns or other similar stains, so take care if you see them.


The smell of a bedbug is different from that of a small animal. Bedbugs release an odor when they defecate and feed. This can be likened to rotten fish, but it only lasts for a few days. A more pungent, more overwhelming smell of faeces can be smelled in small spaces or close to the items affected by the bugs.

Small Black Spots

The appearance of small black spots in the next sign of bedbugs. These are the faecal deposits that you’ll need to look for. They can be found around the mattress and any other cracks or crevices in your bed, usually within 1 foot of these places. The spots can be difficult to notice, but they might become more noticeable if you dust your mattress often.

Small, Dark Molts

Look for tiny, dark hairs in the same places as the faeces and stains. These are often small pieces of the bugs’ exoskeletons. Their shells can get damaged during moulting, exposing their insect tissue. These are a good sign of bedbug activity when you see them.


Bedbug eggs are not easy to find at all. They usually stay in cracks and crevices, but they can spill out when the bugs are disturbed in some way. Eggs are also placed where there is a high risk of infestation, like along baseboards or near the headboard of your bed. It’s possible to find large-sized larvae in these places as well.

Yellow-Colored Stains

Look for yellow stains on the carpet, baseboards, and walls. These are from the excrement of the bedbugs and may be a good sign that you have an extensive infestation. They are usually only about an inch in diameter, so look for them.

Excessive Itching or Rash

If you find any of these signs, you should take action to prevent the problem from getting out of hand. Contact Carlsbad Pest Control or your local pest control office or pest extermination if you start seeing some of these signs.

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