How to Get Rid of Birds

Birds may not seem to pose a significant danger to your family, your business, or your property, but they may really create a number of problems. Among other bird species, pigeons, doves, finches, and sparrows seek for spots to build their nests in sheltered areas. Sometimes this results in the birds selecting your property as their permanent residence, which may cause damage to your property, disease, unsightly droppings, and even bird mite or flea infections. 

Several species may even act aggressively after a nest has been built in an attempt to fend off possible threats to their young and avoid the loss of hatchlings. If you have a persistent problem with birds on your property and want help from qualified professionals to ensure that they stay away, call Escondido Pest Control Company. A certified bird control professional will visit your home or place of business to conduct an inspection.

Why Escondido Pest Control Company Should Be Your Choice

Escondido Pest Control Company’s bird pest control strategies use the integrated pest management approach to ensure that the following are possible:

Birds may be safely discouraged and repulsed by using strategies that are effective in bird abatement and exclusion.

Eliminate the possible threats to health and safety caused by parasites and infectious diseases spread by birds.By doing normal maintenance and frequent inspections, the space may be kept free of birds.

Additionally, our business is locally owned and managed, and we have more than 20 years of experience developing and putting into practice effective bird prevention and control strategies. Our team has created bird control techniques that have been successfully used in hundreds of people’s houses, much to the pleasure of those people. You deserve the peace of mind that our pest-free guarantee offers when dealing with a company that specializes in pest control. You may rest knowing that the bird problem will be properly treated since our team is certified, trained, bonded, and insured.

Various Bird Control Service Options

Escondido Pest Control Company’s bird control methods use an integrated pest management strategy, which is the employment of a number of additional control methods in addition to extermination. Effective and non-lethal avian pest control programs include a variety of treatment techniques that provide long-term solutions.


The first step in managing bird populations is to identify the specific species that are causing the problem and the locations of their nests. This will help in figuring out the best removal technique. In certain circumstances, this could be difficult, particularly if the birds are nearby or inactive while the examination is being done. The bird control expert may be able to identify the kind of bird that has to be removed from the property using any details or pictures that can be provided regarding the bird’s behavior or appearance. The identification procedure may be sped up by taking pictures of the birds while they are actively flying, perching, or nesting. If it’s possible, snap pictures in this manner.


The exclusion is meant to prevent or restrict access to areas that may otherwise be used to house a bird’s nest. There are many methods to go about doing this. This kind of pest control doesn’t put the birds at risk; instead, it keeps them from getting into your home and forces them to look for a residence elsewhere. To keep humans and animals out of a place, small apertures and access points might be covered with screens, bird netting, or wooden boards.

Systems for Perch Modification

Perch modification devices may help reduce bird activity on or near your property in addition to exclusion, which prevents birds from entering your home. A technique is an exclusion. Reduce the quantity of accessible landing areas for birds by utilizing a range of bird deterrents, including hot wires, exterior perimeter bird spikes, and bird coils.

Deterrents for Behavior Alteration

These strategies include the use of obtrusive noises, glaring lights, and strong smells to scare away birds from a certain area. These are designed to obstruct the nesting process.

Removing All Food Sources

By limiting the quantity of food that is available, you may help reduce the number of birds in the area around your home. However, given that it’s likely that bird populations are increasing as a result of outside-your-control food supplies, this strategy only makes sense in conjunction with our other treatment options.


If continuing services are used, ongoing bird control will be a part of the regular pest management maintenance plan after the exclusion measures have been put in place. If the services are kept continuously, this will be the case. To get rid of any bird evidence before the birds move in, our experts will be on the watch for signs of new nests and droppings.

Common Bird Species

Escondido Pest Control Company offers a wealth of experience dealing with the Southern California bird species that are often seen as a nuisance, including:

  • Pigeons
  • Crows
  • Starlings
  • Sparrows
  • Seagulls

Advantages of Hiring Expert Bird Control Services

Although birds seldom pose a direct threat to humans, they may nonetheless create a variety of difficulties, some of which can be harmful to health or cause property damage.

Almost all bird species may serve as hosts for parasites like fleas and bird mites. Before they infest your home, mites, and fleas that infest birds will first infest their nest, where they will molt and lay eggs.

Seagulls, crows, and pigeons are all examples of scavengers that may destroy property and create a mess out of trash in their quest for food. Crows eat carrion as well. Bird droppings present a number of issues:

  • Pigeon droppings that have been allowed to dry up produce a fine powder that HVAC systems may absorb and disperse. When breathing in contaminated air, those who have respiratory problems or allergies have a higher risk of contracting an illness.
  • They have the ability to corrode and stain a number of building materials due to their acidity.
  • They carry a variety of contagious diseases and viruses that may spread to other people.
  • If you ignore them for an extended period of time, they will start to look bad and the expense of cleaning them up might rise significantly.

Infectious Diseases Virus Spread via Birds

Birds are known to be able to contain a broad range of infections, including bacteria and viruses, and they may transmit disease. This poses the possibility that humans might catch bird infections, which could develop into potentially fatal ailments. A list of some of the more severe illnesses that birds may transmit is shown below:

  • Pigeon and seagull droppings often contain the bacteria salmonella. It is connected to salmonellosis and paratyphoid fever.
  • Seagulls often carry the bacterium E. coli, which may potentially lead to serious conditions including septicemia and gastroenteritis.
  • Psittacosis is a lung condition that may be brought on by inhaling bacteria found in dried pigeon or seagull excrement. Inhalation may be used to spread psittacosis.
  • Two illnesses, histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis, may be brought on by fungal infections found in seagull droppings.

Contact a Bird Control Professional Without Delay

Without a strong preventative and control strategy, it is doubtful that nuisance birds will depart on their own. With the help of the right professionals, these birds may cause major issues and provide fresh health risks, both of which may be easily resolved. To help you apply exclusion and deterrence measures to keep unwanted birds away from your property, call Escondido Pest Control Company as soon as possible. They can send a skilled bird control and removal professional to your home.