How Does AI Help Marketing Strategies In 2020

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AI Marketing Can Be Inevitable In The Future

Take the fidget spinner as an example. Do you ever wonder why it became so popular even though it was first designed for people struggling with psychological stress, anxiety, and other neurological disorders, such as ADHD and autism? It was because of the amazingly crafted marketing campaign that made it look like entertainment and something that everyone could play with.

Marketing Can Make Or Break Your Business

This is just one example of how marketing can make a product spread like yawn among an audience. However, you can’t just make anything up and expect it to become an instant hit overnight. Customers nowadays are much wiser than they were a years ago and understand the difference between real value and clickbait. A lot of marketers start cooking up fancy campaigns for different channels without even realizing the value that a product adds to a customer’s life. Moreover, there are different segments of customers in the market with their individual needs and demands.

The same product could have a different meaning for a student and a professional. And quintessentially, if you are targeting both of them, your marketing campaigns must be able to speak to them individually. The problem with present-day campaigns is that when customers look at it, they feel like it’s addressed to the people instead of them. The point is if brands don’t care enough to speak to the needs of an individual customer, why should customers be interested in their product or services; the quality of your product or service doesn’t even come into consideration.

Marketing in modern-day world has the potential to do-or-die your business, hence successful campaigns are designed based on data. Data forms the foundation of a business’s marketing strategy. However, with the advancement of technology, there’s a lot that marketers can do without having to fuss over the tiresome processes.

AI And Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are on an expansion spree all over the world. Every other business and organization is taking actions to implement AI in different areas. And marketing is no exception to it. 

The reality is that everyone is trying to guess what the clients want and the way that they want it using different process. While some are using their intuition, others rely on traditional practices.

Greater Engagement

There are many ways in which AI is powering greater engagement for people. First marketers can utilize the historical data to analyze which of their campaigns worked and which didn’t. Based upon the nature of the customer, the market timing, and other relevant factors, businesses can enhance their strategies for sales and boost customer engagement by many folds.

This enables the marketer to understand the segment of customers who are likely to engage with communication on a particular channel or medium. Also, based upon the previous buying patterns of the customer, the target channels for further campaigns can be determined with ease. Consider, for example, the ML-powered bots used by organizations such as Sephora and Levi’s. These bots ask the customer some questions about their products that determine factors around their urgent needs and future preferences

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The Era Of Personalization

If companies have to result as huge successes, they have to consider personalization, no matter what. AI can help marketers personalize their campaigns when it comes to ads on different platforms, suggesting recommendations and others. 

Similarly, personalized recommendations are becoming an instant trend nowadays. Take Amazon, for example. It studies the customer’s browsing history, past purchases along with other factors to suggest those products they’d like to buy in advance. All this shows how Artificial Intelligence can help industries understand customer behavioral insights and capitalize on them.


The scope of AI in marketing is endless. Businesses can achieve a lot without having to invest in many human resources with one independent AI. And, since every other brand is using it out there to attract and engage the customers, not capitalizing on the modern technology will only leave you far behind in the market race.

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